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18 March 2012 @ 01:03 pm
It's such a mindfuck that in a few months I'll be in college.

But anyway,
-School's going well. I've finally..retrained myself to care about school. Which is good, because while everyone else is dying of senioritis (okay, I am too), I'm forcing myself to keep caring because I need straight A's. I promised myself I'd get straight A's before I graduate, and, I think I MIGHT get it this marking period. The MP ends next Wednesday, and I think I can do it.

-I'm trying not to let myself fall for someone. I was crazy about him as soon as I met him but..I really don't think he returns the feelings so I'm not letting myself talk to him. Better off this way. But he's talented and gorgeous and pretty much flawless, and I'll be seeing him next week so idk how long this "not talking to him" thing will last.

-I managed to murder my laptop by trying to download an ebook torrent. FOR A BOOK I ALREADY OWN, GODDAMMIT. So I only had a windows vista restoration disk and had to install that over windows 7, which blows.

-I'm trying to make myself get over my fear of driving. I planned on asking my parents to take me driving today, but I'm super dizzy from cramps, so that's not happening. But really, I need to drive so I can get a job and afford concerts :/ And a new laptop, lol.

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26 January 2012 @ 06:33 pm
So, life. It's really a roller coaster.

You know how my 14 year old cat died in September? January 11th, my "stray" cat who I've had for over three years died. I still can't really believe it. I mean, she was sick with like a stuffy nose kinda thing for like 3 days and then just..died.

RIP Jazz♥

Umm. I also decided where I'm going to college, West Chester University.

All told, I went to 10 concerts in 2011. So many good times ♥

I'm going to see Matt Nathanson tomorrow night (won tickets), I have VIP tickets to see/meet The Summer Set & The Cab February 10th. I'm hoping to see Cassadee Pope February 18th, School Boy Humor March 3rd, and Reverse Order April 27th. ♥

How are you?
27 November 2011 @ 08:31 pm
I haven't posted in foreeeeever, omg.

But, yenno, only a few things of importance have happened.

-I saw Rookie of the Year, The Trace, and Hot Chelle Rae 10/19
-I saw The Downtown Fiction, The Summer Set, and Plain White T's 10/24, got a pick and water bottle from TSS, and met Cameron Leahy♥
-I'm going to see We the Kings next Sunday :D
-And hopefully Stereo Skyline at the end of December

Hmm, school.
-I've narrowed my college search down to 2 schools: Bloomsburg U and West Chester U. I've been accepted to both, visited both, so idek how to decide now.
-I got straight A's for the first quarter! No idea how I pulled that off in AP English, shitman.

Soo, yeah, everything's going pretty well.

How are all of you? :D
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09 October 2011 @ 10:10 pm
Today, my parents got me...

Luna's on the left, Lily's on the right.

SO CUTE. AREN'T THEY? (Yes, yes they are :D)
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19 September 2011 @ 09:40 pm

This is my baby. I've had her since I was three.

And she died this morning. I'm such a mess right now. I miss her so fucking much :(

Anyway, RIP baby.

In other news, I got accepted to Lock Haven University. Not sure if I wanna go there yet or not, but, yay.
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Well, school's definitely back to being crazy. First, senior privilege started! Which means I only have school 8:24-1:42, instead of 7:24-2:28. WIN.

However, classes are also getting a bit intense D:

I had my first Modern Global quiz today. I've been rather distracted/emotional/idek lately, and I got a 70 on it :/ Tragic, really.

Gym class is a joke.

French 1- also a joke, basically. We spent like a week learning the alphabet. My teacher sort of hates me for some reason, and the only kid I talk to is a creep.

AP Stats- damnnn boy, we're already on chapter 4. Silly kids. But it's easy so far, thank god :) Just moves fast.

AP English- So, I might've mentioned before that my school doesn't have separate AP Eng Language and AP Eng Literature classes. So this class combines the two. Which just means an insane amount of work. Scheduled homework in there so far- vocab homework due tomorrow, vocab quiz tomorrow, quiz on one of the Canterbury Tales tomorrow, quiz on another one of the Canterbury Tales on Tuesday, a project due on Thursday, an essay due next Friday, vocab homework due next Friday, vocab quiz next Friday, anddddd a quiz on tones next Friday. Along with a quiz on allusions, vocab homework, and a vocab quiz on the 30th. Just. oh. my. god.

AP Psych- since this isn't a real class at my school, I've been meeting with my ~adviser~ basically daily to try to plan how I'm gonna do this. And he's sort of awesome :) He wants me to do a chapter every two weeks, which sounds pretty easy. And with his schedule, I'll be done with about two weeks to spare before the AP test in May, so I'll have time to review :)

Thennnn, I'm visiting West Chester University on September 24th, retaking the SAT's on October 1st, visiting Bloomsburg University on October 22nd, going to a concert October 24th, (most likely) going to a concert November 12th, and visiting Lock Haven University November 19th.

Plus I need to finish applying to colleges, and, you know, try to not go insane.
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02 September 2011 @ 09:49 pm
So, school went better today! I didn't get in trouble, at least.

I'm so bored though so far. My classes-

1- Study hall- Spend it hanging out with my ex. And by hanging out I mean I'm pretty sure he likes me and I'm pretty sure I like him because we're both ridiculously..touchy. Haha. But starting September 12th, I don't have to come to first period.

2- More study hall! With my ex again, haha. So more of the same as first period.

3- Honors Modern Global History- The teacher's funny. About why he got a D average in his first year of college: "were you drinking?" "oh nooooonononono. I WOULD NEVER DRINK UNDERAGE. EVER. but yeah that's mostly why." and then told us the story about the time he nearly had his hand bitten off.

4- Badminton/volleyball! Woo. Lolkillme. But nah, we haven't done anything in it yet.

5- French 1. Gah, I think I'd love this class, except it's basically entirely freshmen. Which..gah, not a fan.

6- Lunch! Some of my bffs are in here. So yay :3

7- AP Stats. Gah. I dunno. We didn't even start doing work, and the teacher's nice, but I feel like i'll suck at this class.

8- AP English- OMG LOVE THIS TEACHER. He talked about penguin sex, gave the guys fashion advice ("whenever you wear a dress shirt, wear an undershirt with it- i do not want to see your nipples."), gave them relationship advice("over time, you will realize that what girls say has nothing to do with what they mean. so your job is to figure out what the hell you did wrong, and how to fix it.").

9th- Study hall AGAIN. With my ex, again, lol. But I also don't have to go to this starting September 12th.

So..uh..I like english? That's about it?
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01 September 2011 @ 09:53 pm
So, first day of senior year. Gonna go perfectly, right?!

I looked awesome. I felt awesome. I- got in trouble the second I walked into school.

My shorts were..excessively short, so one of the vice principals stopped me and told me, and about 20 other girls to go in the office to call our parents. So I went in, fake-called my mom, and left to go to homeroom. Was there about 5 minutes, and got a call there sending me back to the office where I got yelled at. Sooo I stand in the office for about half an hour. I texted my mom forreal to let her know what was going on. Another vice principal walks up to me, and grabs my phone. Which I refused to let go of, so finally she gave up. Then like ANOTHER half hour later, my legit principal comes in and talks to us for a bit. He was actually reallllly nice today.

So my principal took me to the school store and bought me yoga pants to change into, lmao. So weird.

Anyway, rest of the day was sort of equally terrible. Except AP English! My teacher is HILARIOUS.

Well, I'm tired, so bye. <3
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26 August 2011 @ 09:41 pm
Wow, I start school next week. Seems like this summer went so fast, doesn't it? Well really, every year just goes faster than the last. I thought this would be the greatest summer ever. That I'd be with my friends all the time, crazyyyy-happy. Hahahahhano. I'm really excited to go back to school though. I have good classes, good teachers, and I'll see most of my friends :)

In other news, I'm going to a concert next Sunday (Big Time Rush & Hot Chelle Rae), so there's that to look forward to :) Also just bought tickets to see Plain White T's, The Summer Set, and The Downtown Fiction October 24th, so I'm really psyched for that! I saw TSS in May and they were SO good, so I'm expecting the same this time! :)

Anyway, I'm dogsitting for the weekend. It seems my aunt & uncle no longer have Netflix, and they don't have cable, sooo I'm a bit bored. But I just downloaded the movie Beautiful Boy, so I guess I'll go watch that now :)

Sidenote: I watched Tangled for the first time last night- absolutely adorable movie. :)

Welllll, that's all for now. Hope you're all doing well :)
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